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Come and Join us on July 5th at Fleckney Baptist Church! 

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Past events:

Zoom teaching event with David Pileggi from Christchurch,Jerusalm (CMJ)
7.30pm til 9.00pm Monday January 25th 2021(see Zoom link below photo)

On Monday January 25th from 7.30-9pm, we have the honour and privilege of hosting live from Jerusalem the Rev David Pileggi for a Zoom meeting, when he will be teaching on the Kingdom of God. For those who are not familiar with David, he is Rector of Christ Church in Jerusalem, which has been the headquarters in Israel for the past 175 years of the Church’s Ministry among Jewish people (CMJ)

David will share examples and insights of how God has worked out His Kingdom purposes through trials and tribulations in history, which I’m sure will encourage and strengthen us as we live through current events. It is certainly an opportunity not to be missed, and we trust that his profound knowledge, insight and engaging style will be a great blessing to us all. We also anticipate it being an interactive meeting where questions and comments will be welcomed at various points.

The Zoom link to access the meeting is below, do try and join a few minutes before 7.30pm to get a good seat!

Meeting ID: 971 4675 6456

Passcode: 875181

 Ted and Linda Walker :Wed 12th February 2020

We were blessed to have Ted and Linda with us as part of their tour of the UK. They shared valuable insights into various Israeli based ministries of which they are a part.

24th March 2019.

We had a good time at our Purim Party, ‘messy church’ style with drama and mask making, as well as quizzes and dancing!

21st September 2018

Aaron is a very scholarly speaker, and he lives in Israel- so lots of first hand experience of the joy of celebrating the feast of Tabernacles. He gave us an interesting look at “What is Sukkot?” we had new insights into  this very significant Biblical Feast!

1st August 2018- Bible Hall 7.30pm,

We had a stimulating update on Israel from Chaim Malespin and a celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary year. AMAZING CAKE!
May  was a busy month for us as on Saturday 19th at we had  Child friendly Pentecost party with special time travellers, Moses and the Apostle Paul!
Plus: the steering group were all involved on the bank holiday week end in the very successful CMJ exhibition

Bible Comes to Life! 

Wed April 4th at Bible Hall Fellowship, we hosted the
Hatikva Film Trust “Cyrus Nations:UK”


In this special year that marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel , we saw what role Britain had in its foundation and we interceded for the hand God to protect both nations at this key time.

Balfour 100

7th Nov @ Albert Hall : A night to remember

A coach full of us went to this amazing night to celebrate the  History and destiny of our Nation. A once in a lifetime experience. DVD available. Check it out here:


Succoth 2017

Time travellers visit our Succah to recount the significance of Succoth past, present and future.

Read all about it: Feast of Tabernacles FINAL (1)

Balfour 100

Over 90 people turned up to our Balfour Celebration on Saturday 29th July.  Thank you to Fleckney Baptist Church for being our hosts.

If you missed the enlightening talk by Paul Hames of  CMJ, then click below.