Balfour 100 Dvd-Nov 7th 2017.



Articles to download



Christians and Israel by David Evans (£7.99)
This book aims to be a concise introduction, bringing clarity and clearing up some common misunderstandings. David has firm convictions on this subject but seeks to engage with other points of view.

Other books and booklets available from Reshet Ministries:

  • In Time With God- R.K.Bamber  (£10)  – wonderful day to day insights into the word of God following the Hebrew Calendar
  • Plan A -ICEJ : (£5.00) What Modern Israel reveals about God’s original and unchanging purposes

  • How the Church lost the Way– Steve Maltz (£8.00) Bringing us back to the root of our Christian faith.
  • How the Church lost the Truth-Steve Maltz (8.00) “With much humour, Steve explains complex and serious theological matters simply.”
  • Zionion -Steve Maltz (£3.00) “Why does the Church obsess over Israel?”


Also available :Various CDs of British and Israeli Messianic Jewish worship leaders


Audio Recordings

Pentecost Conference

Bible Hall Fellowship, May 2015

The Feast of Tabernacles

October 2014 – with apologies that talks 2 and 3 are truncated

Understanding the blessings of Pentecost

Bible Hall Fellowship, May 2014

Shavuot: Understanding the blessings of Pentecost

The Kings Centre, May 2013

Tabernacles Conference 2012

New Testament Church of God, October 2012

David Silver: Haifa

Summer 2012

Chuck Cohen: Israel & The Shaking of the Nations

17 September 2011

Reshet Ministries 2010 Feast of Tabernacles